Blogs/Websites I recommend and enjoy:

A Life Overseas – SO many wonderful writings by multiple contributors.

Paracletos  –  lots of resources!

Djibouti Jones – great and fun expat writer.

Velvet Ashes – “encouragement for women serving overseas”, they offer book studies, have a prayer wall, and have a multitude of wonderful articles.



Rocky Re-Entry – primarily for adults who are transitioning back to their passport country, they offer many helpful articles and resources.

Paracletos – providing personal debriefing options, based in Indiana, near Ohio border.

Le Rucher East – providing debriefing retreats, based in Atlanta, GA.

MTI (Missionary Training International) – providing debriefing for both adults and children.

Emmaus Encounter – located in Montana, personalized debriefing.

Barnabas International – these folks have been around a long time, they offer multiple services and debriefing is one of them.

Interaction International – TCK/MK transitions.


Missionary Kids/TCK’s:

Barnabas International – MK transition seminar, children pre-field training also available.

TCK World – official website containing extensive TCK information based on the work of Ruth Useem and Ruth Van Reken, pioneers of TCK research and information.

Interaction International – another great pioneer in the TCK world, the late David Pollock, founded this group.  Multiple resources including seminars, books, college info, international school info, and more.

Kaleidoscope –  retreats around the world, and they’ll even come to you!



Tailored Fundraising Solutions – these folks offer personalized, “tailored” to you, and extremely effective fundraising coaching.  They make fundraising a positive and integral part of ministry.




Fairhaven Ministries – Smoky Mountains of TN and NC, specifically Roan Mountain.  They also provide counseling and debriefing.

Eden Ridge –  Located in Crab Orchard, TN (not far from Nashville), this is a newer retreat center with beautiful cabins and very reduced pricing for full-time Christian workers.  No counseling or other services provided, this is a great place to rest with family!

A Quiet Place –  Located in Bryantsville, KY, this is a 5 day sabbatical provided at no charge to missionaries.

Alongside – Located near Kalamazoo, MI, offering counseling-focused retreat ministry for full-time pastors and missionaries.

BMI Oasis –  Bridge Ministry Oasis, Located in Richland, MI, providing various retreat opportunities for full-time Christian workers.

The Brook at Bethpage – Located in Missouri, “The Brook at Bethpage was established as a habitation for the presence of the Lord… a place of refuge, rest, restoration, and rejuvenation for those needing to come and experience His masterpiece. The Brook is not a vacation spot but rather a unique place to encounter the God that called and equipped you to serve Him!”  They offer 3-5 day retreats at no charge to missionaries.

Shepherd’s Haven of Rest – Located in Arlington, TN, they offer retreats free of charge to missionaries.

Life Impact Ministries – multiple locations around the US!


Bretagne B&B –  Located in Mellionec, France, a B&B with reduced rates for missionaries.

Restored and Renewed Ministry – Located in Lafauche, France, who doesn’t want to stay in a small castle and be fed?

Brazil/Italy/Costa Rica/Germany/Middle East:

Life Impact Ministries – multiple locations!  “Providing rest and renewal for ministry leaders”.


General Member Care/Training:

MTI – pre-field training, member care conferences, debriefing, and more.

CIT, Center for Intercultural Training – pre-field training, debriefing.

International Therapist Directory – self-explanatory!

LinkCare – “We provide professional, emotional, mental & spiritual care through our team of licensed Psychologists, Marriage & Family Therapists, Pastoral Counselors and Social Workers; ministering to the whole person−mind, body and soul.”

Oaks Counseling – “They provide shade and comfort to those around them, but missionaries and workers are often physically removed from relationships that nourish them. Oaks Counseling offers counseling and support to these mighty Oaks, at home and abroad.”

Catalyst International – “We care about strategically supporting Christian workers in highly challenging global environments.”   Catalyst provides several retreat and training opportunities around the world.

Sent Well – located in Malaga, Spain.  Multiple professional fields represented, all providing care, assessment, and development services.

Excelling Leaders – “Excelling Leaders exists to encourage and empower missionaries and their families through coaching, debriefing, and equipping so they can be more effective and resilient in shining the love of Jesus.”

International Training Alliance, ITA – worldwide, “We train leaders and potential leaders actively involved in cross-cultural work around the world, both expatriate and national leaders.”